Ladies, we need your help!

I was reading my second most popular post What is wrong with marriage these days? and I came across a quote that I got from another website “Studies show that a woman needs about 20 minutes of foreplay to relax her enough to enjoy it”.   So ladies, help us guys out!

What kind of foreplay do you like?

How important is romance?

What do you consider romantic?

What do you consider sexy?

I used to write poems for my wife, but I have tried in recent years and I just can’t come up with one.  I have downloaded some free romance novels (written by women) to try and get back in touch with my romantic side, but I haven’t read them yet.  What other tips can you give me and other guys?


8 thoughts on “Ladies, we need your help!

  1. I think romance is very important; however, it doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. Romance for me can be found in a touch, a caring smile, a genuine compliment (“wow, you look beautiful right now”), little things like offering a backrub, a favourite treat (for me it would be a small bite of chocolate as it is a no-no for me), or an offer to make dinner… even if it is mac and cheese! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I can understand the smiles, back rubs and chocolate, and I try to say compliments, but talking is hard for me (writing is easier ; -). In my younger days I would think that you were joking about making dinner (you must mean when I am naked, right), but I now know that my wife does like that kind of thing too.

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  2. It doesn’t hurt to go to the source and ask. Men tend to tiptoe around these things. No one knows what she wants/needs better than she does. If that seems awkward, then try a few things: an “I love you” note in her lunch if she works outside of the home, a text each day during to tell her one thing you love about her, fold some damn laundry and put it where it belongs…lol. That’s a big turn on. Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks, I do say “I love you” quite often, and I call her on my lunch break (she doesn’t work). I am trying to work on saying specific complements, I have a hard enough time receiving them, i just feel awkward for some odd reason…. Maybe it is the giving God the glory, I don’t like to be noticed and have a hard time giving it to others… I do help with the laundry when I can. 🙂

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  3. If you want intimacy in the evening, start speaking her language in the morning. It’s not that hard to understand; women are more feelings oriented. Men naturally are goal/task oriented. Forget tasks in her presence. Watch her overall body language, how she responds to common tasks and people. Listen for what she’s feeling in what she says. Glancing over some of your post titles you may already have addressed this. It’s the only hat I have right now to toss into the ring. :>

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    1. I think that “women are more feelings oriented” is just starting to sinking in. I think that all my trying is backfiring, and what I really need to do is compliment her more. Tell her how good she looks, how much I love her, etc. The problem is that I never grew up in an environment like that, and I have been practicing lines like “You look nice”, hoping that they would pop out of my mouth at the right time, but they haven’t yet. I don’t know how to start?


  4. As a guy, I am kind of shocked that there is no mention of flowers, wine, warm baths, topless guys with flexing muscles, the kind of things that us guys would think would impress a woman. Since I don’t have the flexing muscles, I am kind of relieved, but still confused. Does cooking and doing laundry really put a woman in the mood? I would think that would earn a kiss, but…. 😉


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